Tokyo Marui Airsoft Manufacturer

08/11/07 1318 hours

Tokyo Marui is the top airsoft manufacturer in the world, closely seconded by Classic Army. They are located in Tokyo, Japan, and sell mainly to Japan but also heavily to surrounding Asian areas, as well as worldwide. The company is known for manufacturing high-quality AEGs (automatic electric guns), although they also produce electric, gas, and some spring pistols. Beyond airsoft, Tokyo Marui is known for making radio controlled cars and tanks. In fact, Tokyo Marui has combined the two hobbies, manufacturing radio controlled tanks that fire BBs.

The AEGs that Tokyo Marui manufactures are primarily plastic due to Japanese law, so they are not as strong as the full metal counterparts created by competitors like Classic Army. However, Tokyo Marui’s AEGs do achieve high speeds, high rates of fire, and are very endurable. Tokyo Marui has several series of AEGs, which are categories of airsoft guns based off one, real firearm. For example, some of the series Tokyo Marui features are the M14, MP5, and SIG series, although there are a significantly further number of series available.

Tokyo Marui makes both automatic electric pistols and electric blowbacks. While the EBBs fire at a slower velocity than the AEPs, they are more realistic in that their slides “blow back” when fired. AEPs do not have this feature, as their internal workings take up all the room inside the device. Tokyo Marui manufactures AEPs such as the H&K USP, Glock 18C, and Beretta M9. Some EBBs they produce include M92F, Desert Eagle .50AE, and Combat Delta.

The gas pistols that Tokyo Marui makes are primarily blowback, and use HFC-134A as the means of propulsion, although green gas can also be used (although it usually damages the gun). Some EBBs like the M92F and Desert Eagle .50AE have gas counterparts, but most of the pistols in the gas blowback section are unique to that area.

Spring shotguns produced by Tokyo Marui are popular because they can fire three BBs at once. Similar to shotguns are grenade launcher models, which also fire bursts of BBs. Popular models for shotguns include the SPAS-12 and M3 Shorty, and for grenade launchers, include the M203 grenade launcher (which is actually attached to a rifle).

Many new AEGs have recently been announced, and there are many models that are rumored to come out, and most of them are highly anticipated. Upcoming airsoft guns include not only AEGs but a variety of pistols as well.

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