Pellet Weights for Airsoft Guns

08/25/08 1210 hours

When you choose pellets for airsoft guns then you might want to consider the weight of the pellets. Weight can influence several aspects of the performance of your pellets. These things you should consider include velocity, trajectory, hardware, and the different weights.

If you want velocity with your shots from airsoft guns then you need to think about the weight of the pellets. The lighter the pellets are then the further and faster they will travel. However, light pellets are also prone to be affected by external factors by the wind. So if you add distance into the mix with the wind blowing strongly then you may not hit your target at all. Heavy pellets don’t travel as fast and as far because the weight slows down the velocity. The heavier bullets are able to withstand wind conditions better because they are heavier.

The use of hop-up can negate how the pellets are trajected partly. The curvature can determine the range. The lighter the pellet then the less the curve will be in the trajectory. The heavier pellets will have more of a curve when shot. Heavier pellets will also require more powerful airsoft guns than the lighter pellets also. This is because it takes more power for the gun to shoot the same distance.

The standard weights of pellets for airsoft guns come in sizes of 6mm and 8mm. The most common pellets used are the 6mm pellets. The standard weight of a 6mm pellet is 0.20g. The pellets that weigh 0.11g are uncommon. The 0.12g pellets are used by all of the low grade weapons like the spring pistols and the mini electrics. These pellets are known as high velocity but low stability pellets. The high end automatic electric guns like the Tokyo Marui and the Classic Army guns cannot use the 0.12g and the 0.15g pellets. The heaviest weight pellets for standard AEG’s are 0.15 and work with the blowback and spring airsoft guns. The 0.28g pellets are heavier and specifically for the use in upgraded AEG airsoft guns or in sniper rifles. The heaviest BB available on the airsoft market is the 0.88g pellet. These are made of steel and have a polished finish. They are considered rare and very hard to find.

The 8mm pellets only come in a few different weights. The low weight is the 0.27g pellet. The normal and standard weight for an 8mm pellet is 0.34g but if you want biodegradable pellets for airsoft guns then the standard 8mm is 0.35g. The heaviest weight for 8mm pellets is 0.45g.

The way airsoft guns shoot pellets is determined by the type of the gun and how strong the gun is but primarily the weight and the type of the pellet you are using for ammunition. The heavier the pellets are then the fewer trajectories they will have and more curve in the shot. You may have to practice target shooting from distances to get a good feel for how your gun shoots the different pellets

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