Casual Airsoft Games

08/21/08 1830 hours

People love to play airsoft. There are many different games you can play with your friends. Many of those games include survival, officers, recruitment drive, and prisoner.

Airsoft is not just for military tactical games and serious die hard airsoft fanatics. Some people take the play very seriously and go out on missions and operations for days with their friends on a team. You don’t have to commit several days to play airsoft because there are other ways and other games people can play. These games can last a short while and provide just a few hours of fun.

Survival is a fun airsoft game where each man is out for themselves. There are no teams in this game. The ultimate goal is to be the last man standing or remaining in the game without getting hit by one of the airsoft pellets. You cannot form an alliance in this game and go against other people or you will be eliminated. It is each man to their own and you must avoid at all costs getting shot by a BB to win the game. Survival is the most common airsoft game that is played today for casual gaming. If you have never played airsoft before then you should start by playing survival.

Officers is another fun airsoft game people love to play. This game requires teams of people. There will be two teams for this game. The teams will play against each other and try to eliminate the opponent’s officer. Each officer will command their team and give their squad orders on what to do during the play.

Recruitment Drive is another fun game and it is ideal for playing in the woodland areas. This game will have two teams of people. Two captains will start by themselves and tag in airsoft players who are neutral and scattered around the area for recruitment. During this game, the highest skilled players have to be the ones to begin in the middle at the beginning of each round that is played.

People love to play prisoner also. The objective of this game is to have a lightly armed individual who needs to reach a specified destination while trying to avoid the appointed ‘guards’. The guards must take out the escaping prisoner. This game may be played for a short while or repeatedly throughout the day. Some people like to play this game at night time. It is common to rotate who the prisoner is so everyone gets a chance to try and successfully escape from the guards.

Airsoft is a very popular game and it is a lot of fun to play. There are many ways to play airsoft but it is enjoyed best when you play a game that is structured with a strategy involved. The most common play today when people play is survival which is where every man is out for themselves and there are no teams. If you get hit, even once, then you are out of the game. The last man standing is who wins the game. This game can be over quickly or it can take a long time.

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