Airsoft is Effective for Combat Training

08/01/08 1731 hours

There are many reasons airsoft is used for combat training.  Many of the reasons include the cost, safety, and it is effective.

Law enforcement agencies like police departments, military units, and security companies turn to airsoft training as an effective way to train.  This method provides for a force-on-force training and agencies can train anywhere they need to.   Many popular places airsoft training takes place is in schools, businesses, airplanes, and out in designed military courses.  Real life situations are also setup for enforcement professionals to train in with the use of airsoft.

Airsoft is proven to be an effective method of training because real life situations and environments can be constructed to allow the personnel to improve their skills.  The Systema Professional Training Rifle is the most common weapon of choice for the enforcement agencies to use during training.  A bank robbery situation may be constructed, a police chase, or a sniper situation may also be setup.  These situations happen in the real world and give enforcement agencies experience for response and effectiveness when they really come across these situations on the street.  Some military personnel train with the use of tanks and other vehicles. 

Airsoft training for enforcement is a safe method of training.  The bullets used are small pellets usually 6mm or 8mm and they cause minimal pain.  However, when shot in close range it can be painful if the recipient is not wearing sufficient amount of padding.  However, minimal protective equipment is required.  The pellets are actually BBs and these projectiles are virtually low-impact.  It is not painful to be hit by one of these unless you are close range.  Liability is minimized because the chance of an officer actually getting hurt during training is almost improbable as compared to using real guns.  Officers can wear their actual gear when in training.  Enforcement agencies also don’t have to worry about airsoft pellets damaging property and equipment for property owners and they don’t need to worry about innocent by-standers being injured if they are struck with an airsoft pellet.


Another benefit of training with airsoft methods is that it saves agencies money because the cost of the pellets is very cheap and the cost of the airsoft guns are cheap.  Real guns are expensive and so is the ammunition for the guns.  This training method saves taxpayer dollars because they are not spending the money they used to on traditional training methods.  Because the training is so cheap it allows for officers to get extensive training rather than to be limited to the amount of training due to cost.

Airsoft training is an effective method used by law enforcement and security agencies today.  Military personnel also used this method of training.  It is commonly used today in different scenarios because of the effectiveness, safety, and the cost benefit.  This allows for a more extensive training experience in real life situations for officers and personnel so they are more prepared when they do come across the same circumstances.

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