Airsoft Gun Safety Latch and Handling

08/07/08 1502 hours

If you own airsoft guns then you should become familiar with the features. There are proper safety precautions you should take with your gun to be sure everyone is safe. These safety measures include the safety lever on your gun, responsibility, and how to handle the gun.

There is a safety switch on airsoft guns designed for safety measures. The purpose of this lever is that when it is in the on position then the gun will not be able to fire. When you want to shoot the gun then you will have to turn the lever to the off position or the fire position for the gun to be able to shoot. The only time you should have this to the fire position is when you are ready to fire your gun. You should turn the safety off right before you are ready to fire your gun and when you are done firing your gun then you should put the safety back on immediately.

A safety catch is designed to stop a gun from firing when it is in the on position. However, these catches do not always work as they should. You should not assume that your gun works perfect. If you leave your airsoft gun loaded and ready to fire with the safety catch off and a child picks up the gun to fire it, it very well may go off. You should never leave your gun laying around for unauthorized people to pick it up and play with it. The safety latch has been known to malfunction on real firearms and on airsoft guns.

Airsoft guns have been known to go off even when the safety latch is on. This is a good reason why you should never point your airsoft gun at anything unless you are in the middle of a game and your target is the person you are taking out of the game. When you are showing your gun to someone at a close range then you should be sure the gun is not loaded with ammunition. The safety should be on if it is loaded but it is not recommended the gun be loaded unless you are just about to play a game.

Airsoft guns should always be treated as if it is ready to fire and fully loaded. You should never assume a gun is not loaded or assume the safety is on and that it works. There have been serious injuries with airsoft guns. There have never been any deaths related to an airsoft gun but there have been serious injuries to people who have made assumptions. When you handle an airsoft gun it should be treated as a real gun and as if it is loaded and ready to fire. Always handle the guns very carefully.

Airsoft guns have a safety latch that is designed to protect people from a gun going off or someone firing the gun on accident. These levers on all guns have been known to malfunction and you should not depend on them. You should handle your gun with total care and safety to ensure no one gets hurt.

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