Airsoft Guns Safe Handling and Storing

08/17/08 2034 hours

Airsoft guns should be properly handled to ensure there are no unnecessary or accidental injuries that occur. When you store your gun there are also proper steps to ensure the safety of people too.

Airsoft guns should always be treated as if they are fully loaded and ready to fire. You should never point the gun at anyone even if you are sure it is not loaded. When you hold an airsoft gun in your hand your fingers should remain away from the trigger and outside of the trigger guard. The safety on the gun should remain at the on position until you are ready to fire the gun.

You should never leave a gun anywhere at any time whether it is unloaded or not. You could take a risk of a child getting a hold of your gun and hurting someone or themselves. Any unauthorized people should not have access to airsoft guns without the owner’s permission. Always keep your gun locked up in a safe place where people cannot access it. In addition to keeping your gun out of people’s reach you should also never touch another person’s gun without permission, proper intent, or know of how to use it.

You should only load the batteries and the ammunition right before you are ready to use your gun. There is no reason to keep a loaded pellet gun in your home or anywhere unless you are ready to use the gun for play or for some other reason.

When you are finished using airsoft guns then they should be unloaded entirely by firing off the last few rounds. Remove the batteries before you pack your gun away because batteries can leak alkaline all over the gun if you don’t. The springs and the firing mechanisms should not be under tension in the gun if they are not in use also. This will ensure a longer life of your gun and the parts inside of it.

When you store or transport airsoft guns they should remain in a gun case. The gun should always be hidden from public view. Your gun should only remain visible for playing purposes on the field or during an airsoft game. If you have an approved display purpose of your gun then it is okay to have the gun in site of the public.

It is important to remember that safety is the most important thing. You should be extremely safe with your gun, the way you handle the gun and the way you store the gun. Your gun should always be out of site so no one picks it up out of curiosity and takes the risk of getting injured. Airsoft guns should be handled with total care and they should never be handled in any way that could potentially cause a danger to anyone. Your gun should never be accessible to other people and you should never touch someone else’s gun if you do not have permission from the owner of the gun. Safety should come first in all circumstances.

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