Airsoft Guns Mistaken for Real Firearms

08/11/08 2003 hours

When airsoft guns are mistaken for real firearms then havoc can occur. This can cause chaos with police forces, schools, and other situations and lead to danger when the guns are mistaken for the real thing. If you come across a situation someone thinks your gun is real you might create unneeded fear.

There have been extremely unfortunate events occur when children have had airsoft guns on them and been shot dead for the realistic look of the guns. It can happen at night when a gun is seen being held inside a car at night. It has happened where people have been shot because they were holding an airsoft gun in any situation.

When kids bring airsoft guns to school then they can create a serious panic situation and have the school entirely locked down. Although a student might know that the gun is only an airsoft it looks too real for people to know the difference. Without looking at an airsoft gun from up close you cannot tell the difference from a real gun. There have been many circumstances of school lock downs and parental panic because of an airsoft gun being brought to school.

Airsoft guns are popular because they look exactly like the real thing. They are fun to play military games out on the field that is setup to give you the real feeling of being a soldier. They are not designed to use for play or to walk around with. When a gun is displayed in public, people panic. There is no reason for someone to have a gun on them unless it is secured in a holster and the law allows it. Most states require you to have a gun in public locked up securely in a case. The ammunition should be kept away from the guns and they should not be accessible by unauthorized people.

The biggest distinction between airsoft guns is the shape of the magazine feed area. This is because it contains a round opening for the pellets to pass through. With a real gun, the area will be big enough for an actual bullet to pass through. When you pull out a magazine of an airsoft gun you can clearly see the distinction.

Most airsoft guns include an orange tip on the end of them. These provide solid evidence the gun is not a real gun. This allows for anyone who sees the orange tip to be clear the gun is a pellet gun. However, most people like the realistic look of a pellet gun and they often pull the orange tip off of the gun. When this is done it is hard to differentiate the airsoft gun from a real one.

Airsoft guns can create extremely dangerous situations when they are mistaken for a real gun and people have died because of the threat a gun creates. You should always keep your gun locked up so no one can access it and you should be smart about when you have your gun out. Your gun should never be displayed in public for any reason.

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