Airsoft Sniping

11/03/07 2238 hours

Many airsoft players fantasize about being snipers.  It is, after all, a pretty glamorous and comfortable position.  Also, there are several distinct and attractive advantages to taking on the role.  Here we will examine the pros and cons of being an airsoft sniper, as well as look at the responsibilities.

The most powerful attraction of sniping is the ability to be safe yet still be able to hit targets.  You can shoot someone from a distance at which it would be impossible for them to hit you.  Even if some of their pellets were to somehow pull their way to your location, there is usually cover to prevent any stragglers from making contact.  Usually enemies cannot even find the sniper, and he can stay hidden for the entire game.  Sure, it sounds pretty good, but as with any tactic, there are disadvantages.

Once a sniper is discovered, it is not incredibly difficult to simply avoid him.¬† Identifying points of cover from the sniper‚Δτs trajectory is an effective way of immediate protection.¬† Also, it takes only two players to easily eliminate a sniper, as with some basic flanking action and evasive maneuvers, a sniper can become surrounded and quickly taken out.¬† Of course, when other variables are introduced, such as the sniper carrying a sidearm or bodyguards being present, things can become a little more complicated.¬† If a sniper does happen to be alone and even has a sidearm, it is no match for enemies‚Δτ primary weapons, and snipers do not have room to carry two (the sniper rifle is their only primary).

Airsoft snipers have the biggest tasks for caring for their guns.  The initial set up is probably the hardest part of becoming a sniper.  Rifles have to have their scopes mounted and zeroed, and accuracy needs to be consistently ensured.  Also, airsoft sniper rifles are expensive, so it is important to know what you are doing with one before making that big purchase.  The positive thing about finance related to snipers is that not much money needs to be spent on ammunition, since shots are fired individually and are carefully chosen, unlike the rapid spraying from other varieties of airsoft guns. 

If one does choose to be an airsoft sniper, there are many rifle options available.  Most snipers are spring rifles, which require cocking before each shot, but are still very powerful.  However, using a gas rifle is the best choice, as you can shoot faster than with a spring model, and the pellets travel further.  The only downside is that gas rifles are more expensive, but if you can afford it, it is a good choice to go with.   

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